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heavenly non​-​hits from the nineties

by Raymond Scott Woolson

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So, lamenting to her, brokenly, Monday I said, “No one ever wants to be with me. And my presence or absence doesn’t make any difference.” (I should have a black belt in self-pity) I semi-jokingly said, “There is no one more rejected On this side of the Genesee River.” She said, “Come on, you’re kidding me. You’re even worse than Morrissey.” I said, “You’re only trying to make me feel better. But I’d rather you hate me than treat me so indifferently. Haven’t you recognised lately That you always leave me feeling almost criminally lonely?” The girl ventured, “And you’re really self-centered.” I added, “And a musical genius. See, when you’re always by yourself your life becomes no one else, And your imagination tends to get reckless.” And then she said, “I bet that’s tough, but if you listen long enough You’ll see I know it’s only surface corruption. If you’re some loser of the year, you’ve got a promising career As the Church’s one and only exception.” “The point is well taken, But I never said that my faith was shaken. It’s trivial, but everyone I meet Very quickly gets a tendency to shake my dust off of their feet. Oh, look what we’ve started. Now I know what becomes of the broken-hearted. And who gets the last word then? If I let you, then make it true Because I’ll need it when you leave again. And you will.” (And she did)
I dreamed that I was wide awake and living my daydreams I dreamed I found someone to know, some miracle I dreamed that I was lost in love and never found again But then I woke, a frozen stone, and still alone I dreamed that she was wild and kind, and always stayed that way I dreamed she made my troubles less at B.C.S. I dreamed that she would laugh and sing in praise of sun and cloud But then I woke, half sick because she never was I dreamed of summer holidays and Saturdays at home I dreamed of games in Appleton when I was younger I dreamed that I was born-again, not knowing what it means But then I woke, and then I knew God speaks in dreams
Damascus Way 08:03
A blind man walked down Damascus way I said, Saul, what happened on the road today? You had vowed to kill every saint in sight He said, Someone proved me wrong Now I have to prove Him right A fisherman walked slowly up to Rome I said, Simon, you’re better off safe at home After all, you claimed to never know the man He said, That’s exactly why I’m going, and I’m glad And how could I refuse Him? If I left Him I would lose Him And where He is is where I want to be A tax collector walked a Nazareth lane I said, Levi, I think you’re going the wrong way And you left your silver and gold behind He said, Someone gave to me Riches far greater than these A man walked off to far India I said, Thomas, you didn’t believe at all What makes you think they’re going to listen to you? He said, with my own two hands I learned what He can do And how could I refuse Him? If I left Him I might lose sight of Him And where He is is where I’m going to be One day I walked down an Appleton road The westering sun turned the clouds to gold And I thought of those men who did as they were told I wondered if I ever could do as they Could I have such faith to give my life away? And walk any road He chose for me today? I hope so And I know That I will not refuse Him And I’m never going to lose Him And where He is is where you will find me
Something just now caught my eye I turned but it had disappeared In this house all cobweb adorned They still find me hiding here And don’t you ever fall apart? You must be made of stone If you had seen what I just saw They’d have to carry you home Another dreary day - I’ll probably die this way I’m not happy here, but I don’t want to go back Conform or be cast out The golden rule at B.C.S. Look the same and think the same And always act just like the rest And don’t you ever feel like screaming After all you went through? If you knew what they did to me You’d want to hide yourself, too I dream about it yet - I never will forget I’m not happy here, but I don’t want to go back Another wasted day - don’t look at me that way I’m not happy here, but I don’t want to go
Why do the nations rage? And why do the kings on earth all plot in vain? Why do they make their stand, And set themselves against God and His Son? Why don’t they believe? And why don’t they understand the truth they see? Why do they hate the Light, And refuse to accept His wonderful gift of life? Why do they think they’ll win? And why do they arrogantly laugh and flaunt their sin? Why do they serve themselves? Do they really want to live in a world without God? Do they really want to live in hell?
Sorry, it’s just me again Feeling like death warmed over And awaiting my ruinous end It’s just that life has passed me by And I think that’s reason enough To want to lay down and die And don’t worry about not inviting me This may be a shock But there are other people that I’d rather see I have places to go and I’ve things to do And will you never get it through Your thick trend-setting brain that I’m lying to you The sky may be falling But I still feel like crawling from The sky may be falling But I still feel I never thought that I’d end up here The thing is, I thought that after all this time I’d start to get somewhere And do you still have that photograph I should ask for it back But one second thought, keep it You might need a laugh The sky may be falling But I still feel like crawling from The sky may be falling But I still feel
The tire swing is empty now, and the house is boarded up The backyard is overgrown with weeds, and the gate hinges are stuck The willow trees have disappeared, along with your birthday swing But if I close my eyes and listen hard, I can almost hear you sing See see my playmate Come play with me Slide down my cellar door Climb up my apple tree And if somehow we both grow up and grow apart Remember this, if you think of me My playmate still lives in my heart The silly games in the wading pool, and the bird house we painted green The waterfall across the road; they still mean so much to me The fishing stream on Old Quaker Road rang with laughter, strong and clear Although the childhood that we shared is gone, I would love so much to hear See see my playmate Come play with me Slide down my cellar door Climb up my apple tree And if somehow we both grow up and grow apart Remember this, if you think of me My playmate still lives in my heart
Short wars in the cornfields A rope swing in Swan’s hayloft The Hojack train we chased after And a pocket of change to spend at Strong’s Dusty lanes through the orchards A bike race down West Somerset Road Keg Creek on a Saturday evening Wet sneakers, cattails, and a faraway feeling A tree house in the hedge row A painted sign, “No girls allowed” Crayfish hunts in the farm ponds Hide-and-seek after the sun went down Kick-ball in the side yard The long journey to the gravel pits Riding back home down Hess Road Two muddy and sweaty exhausted kids The tracks were built over The trains go to the coal plant now The rails aren’t as fun to walk on But I still remember how And I will always remember Appleton the way it was back then When we could call it our playground But we are strangers now And you will never know how sorry I am
I wandered and strayed far You found me again And saved me from my long Isolation And if I ever change my mind and turn away Just drag me back and make me stay I stumbled and fell down You picked me back up And rescued me from my Self-destruction And if I ever leave Your path and blindly stray Just kick me back into Your way
Come Outside 08:03
I knew a girl whose only world left her alone and scared She had a telephone, but no one called and no one cared Then one day she heard the Lord say, Come just as you are I’ve loved you for ten thousand years, you are my brightest star Come outside Come outside Your long dark wait is over, there’s no reason now to hide Come outside Come outside The Bridegroom and the wedding guests are waiting for the bride Come outside I knew this kid who hid inside his bedroom for twelve years He lost his friends and lost his faith and cowered in his fears Then one day God grabbed hold of him and refused to let him go Now my best friend is the King of kings, and I don’t care who knows Come outside Come outside Don’t be a captive of your loneliness, I’ve been there, it’s a lie Come outside Come outside Step out to the cross and let salvation’s Author dry your eyes Come outside Come outside There’s no sadness here, no hatred, no one hurts and no one cries Come outside Come outside The winter’s gone, the spring has dawned, His rainbow’s in the sky Come outside Come outside into the sunlight, brighter than you’ve ever seen Come outside and wash away your tears in waters pure and clean Come outside into eternal Spring where everything’s brand new Come outside and meet my Savior, He’s right here And He would love to meet with you


A collection of songs from the height of my Indie rock / Gospel rock era.

All of the songs were written between 1991 and 1998.
Songs 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 were recorded to 4-track cassette tape.
Songs 1, 2, 3, 4, 10, and 11 were recorded to 8-track digital.

The original session tracks were transferred to 24-track digital in July and August 2021 for mixing and editing.

A pdf file with lyrics and brief comments about each song is included with album download.


released September 4, 2021

RSW: guitars, percussion, vocals.


all rights reserved



Raymond Scott Woolson Appleton, New York

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